The meanings of education

After the Buddhist period, it was the English rule that provided a system of education and that system attacked the rule of Vedas, mannu and Brahmans. It broke the religious strictures passed by Aryan Brahmans through their holy books. It secretly attacked the Guru Kul system of education for Brahmans. English opened the doors for the touchable and untouchable shudras to enter the essential missionary schools and the government schools by law. Its rule and education spirited the shudras to open schools for the depressed castes of India.

Both the English rulers as well as the Brahmans may be foreigners in our country, but English rulers banned our traditional education and knowledge that was passed down for generations, forced our forefathers to be educated in English schools, and providing education for the lowest brethren as well, which gave them the sense of freedom and equality.
The English ruling was also the cause of country’s longest time under slavery and hardship. After the massacre of the light of Buddhism, both untouchables and touchable shudras got the knowledge of life and freedom under the reign of the English. The English rulers helped and supported our ancestors many times.
Things that were banned under the Brahmans’ teachings, which people have followed and practiced for centuries, were no longer practiced under the English ruling. Through it all, Baba sahib, who got the highest education, retained Buddhism, the way to be enlightened in this very life and on this very earth. All current excavations of Sindhu civilisation and Buddhism are the works of the English people. Who can deny this truth?

We are making the difference between good and bad. We are describing the truth of our education and un-education. The bahujans of today very rarely give any attention towards this truth of their life. After independence, the constitution of India provided us the fundamental rights which legally made us equal to Brahmans in all walks of life and education. The Brahmans, however, became the rulers once again. Unable to ban our education, they banned the knowledge of real life which I myself could not acquire in any school, college or university where I was educated. Though we could get fixed type of education and get a job to feed ourselves, we remain as uneducated degree holders.
We were forcefully distanced from any real knowledge of our life, of our past and of our long miseries for centuries.
We were allowed to know the present or past only, but our present ,past and future in whole were unavailable to us under the total control of the Brahmans in every corner of the country including, politics, trades, education, offices, economy, and religious places We boasted our education while poor illiterate people respected us for nothing. We exchanged our education with a government job where we earned money, purchased the food and fed ourselves well, drank, enjoyed and danced in praise of the enemy. We worshipped and honoured the enemy. Sang his songs and bhajans with folded hands and closed eyes, and got brain washed.

Our ancestors may have limited amount of education available, but they found the causes of destruction and miseries of dalit bahujans. They fought for our freedom from the clutches of Brahmanism, however, when we got the fundamental right of education, we got education that lacked the true knowledge of life, got government jobs with good earnings that fed us well, but forgot our people, and danced on the tunes of the enemy. This is the difference between education and knowledge. We are educated but not taught. We are 90 percent of the population but permanent slaves of the tiny rulers who could not let go of their habit of crushing and enslaving us through cheats and lies.

For 32 years, the BAMSEF has made progress to provide the real education to free people of Brahman’s system of exploitation and slavery. No doubt only small number of dalit bahujans has got the knowledge of real life, but 99% of educated dalit backwards are the backbones of the enemy. They do not allow the social revolution to take its way to freedom from Brahmanism. It is our educated people who have secured the system of the enemy. What do we mean from the word of Buddha?

It means the real knowledge of our life run by cause and effect. Can we admit that the education delivered in schools and colleges is to make a student an enlightened, knowledgeable, learned person? Where is the truth to this question? Yes, the ruler will not allow this type of education, but what is our duty as educated people with good earnings, but have faced all insults and abuses in general life and offices? Have they no heart and mind to feel the insults?
Ultimately, we have to educate the truth to our people ourselves. No one will appear to end our grief and Dukhas. So let us join our hearts and heads on to the struggle of bahujan's freedom.

Gurnam Singh Muktsar